The videos Hairless Dog Productions produce are moving, both literally and figuratively; that's our signature difference. It's born of a desire to move clients and their important constituencies - customers, supporters, members, donors, partners and so on - to think, laugh, engage, reflect and take action.


More popular than ever, video is widely considered the most effective and memorable means of communication for a wide range of applications, and it's our specialty. The compelling combination of visuals and words has a way of connecting to our logic, humanity and emotions on the deepest level.

Hairless Dog is adept at handling every aspect of your production-from initial concept to scriptwriting and storyboard, from hiring talent, executing onsite shooting or developing animation to final editing and voiceover.

Video Services for Hire

Some of our clients are actually other media companies. Recognizing the capabilities and finished production quality we offer, they deliver for their customers by outsourcing with us.

The digital video production services we provide include:

  • Scriptwriting
  • Editing
  • Location Shooting-HD & 4K (in the U.S. and around the world)
  • Aerial Drone Videography
  • Mobile production-Live streaming
  • On-camera and Voice Over Talent
  • Makeup, Hair & Wardrobe
  • Set Design & Build (Studio or Location)
  • Green Screen (Studio or Location)
  • 2D and 3D Animation
  • White Board Animation
  • Commercials for TV and the Web

    Let us help you custom-create a message that professionally presents and sells your product or service. From a single advertisement to an ongoing series, our extensive capabilities and high-value pricing provide cost-effective, on target marketing solutions for all your commercial needs.

    SEO-Search Engine Optimization

    Video that is strategically positioned and placed to leverage metadata keywords and increase click- throughs can take your SEO ratings and internet effectiveness to new heights of success. We can help you make the most of this critical media metric.


    Because your brand is a precious thing arguably the single most important element determining your success the development and execution of it should never be taken lightly. Count on us for the expertise needed to shape, direct, nurture and reinforce this critical marketing component in winning ways.


    These days, there's an app for just about everything, and digital video is playing an important role in this mobile, on-the-go technology success story. Apps are often portals for reaching not just smartphone platforms, but also websites and the internet at large. Know that we can help you navigate the virtually endless possibilities of integrating video into the mix.

    Social Media

    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumbler, YouTube-so many trending social media sites, so little time. Don't miss out on what has fast become-in terms of marketing opportunity-the most important wave of the present and future. We can help!

    Our Work

    We have been privileged to work with many wonderful clients. While much of our effort focuses on the healthcare and not-for-profit categories, Hairless Dog also serves Fortune 500 companies, blue chip pharmaceuticals, schools, associations, manufacturers and other businesses. The videos we create can be broad overviews or targeted specifically for fundraising, education, entertainment training, motivation, sales and other purposes. Learning about so many different organizations - what they do and how they do it - is a valuable asset that keeps us open to possibility.





    About Us

    It’s true that our work has been acknowledged with numerous awards! But we live for the most-satisfying acknowledgment of all – a single word from our clients.








    Got a comment or question? Give us a shout. We’d love to hear from you.

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